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Rand Paul: Marco Rubio ought to show up for Senate votes …

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio speaks in October 2013 at the Values Voter Summit, held by the Family Research Council in Washington.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Sen. Mike Lee, left, and Rubio talk before a news conference to introduce their proposal for an overhaul of the tax code in March.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio, center, arrives in the House chamber ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress in March.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio speaks with the media after delivering remarks during the graduation of small business owners from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program held in Miami in February.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio talks to aides in December before speaking on President Barack Obama’s announcement about revising policies on U.S.-Cuba relations.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio, left, talks to Sen. Lindsey Graham prior to a news conference on Capitol Hill in July.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio talks to reporters in June after a closed door briefing on Capitol Hill.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio speaks to the media in front of a wall dedicated to the victims of the violence in Venezuela as he shows support for the Venezuelan community at a restaurant in Doral, Florida, in April 2014.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio speaks to the media at the Doral restaurant in April 2014.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio checks his phone in March as he arrives for a Capitol Hill news conference to introduce a proposal for an overhaul of the tax code.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio, left, is greeted as he arrives at a restaurant in Doral in February 2014.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio, left, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott speak to the media in Doral in February 2014.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

From left, Sens. Cory Booker, Rubio, Kristen Gillibrand and John McCain wait for Obama to deliver the State of the Union address in January 2014.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio addresses an event held by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research in January 2014.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Paralympian Brad Snyder poses with Rubio during a Team USA Congressional visit in November 2013.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio speaks in November 2013 during a campaign stop for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio confers with McCain as U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in October 2013.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio, center, speaks to members of the media as Sen. Ron Johnson, left, and Rep. Ron DeSantis listen during a news conference on Capitol Hill in October 2013.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio returns to the Capitol after meeting with Obama and other Republican leaders about the government shutdown in October 2013.

Moments from Marco Rubio’s career

Rubio speaks to an aide on Capitol Hill as he arrives for the weekly Senate Republican Policy Committee luncheon in September 2013.

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Rand Paul: Marco Rubio ought to show up for Senate votes …

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Rand Paul knocks Marco Rubio over voting records …

The Kentucky Republican was asked about a Florida newspaper editorial calling on Rubio to resign over his poor voting record by CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead.”

“I take my voting record very, very seriously, and I’ve made 99% of the votes,” Paul said, without explicitly criticizing Rubio’s record.

Analysts have found the Florida Republican has missed the most votes this year of any of the senators running for president. Rubio has defended himself, noting that he’s not on “vacation” but running for president and has cast ballots for the important votes.

According to a USA Today analysis last month, Rubio has missed 60% of votes since June 1, while Paul has only missed 1%.

RELATED: Six things to watch at GOP debate

“I’m going to continue showing up because, you’re right, I do get paid by the taxpayer,” Paul said. “I wear it as a badge of honor that I’ve missed very, very few votes.”

Paul did miss a Tuesday vote in the Senate on a cybersecurity bill he has previously opposed for a campaign event in Nevada. All the candidates taking part in Wednesday night’s Republican debate in Colorado were not present for the vote.

Earlier on Wednesday in Colorado, Paul took a shot at GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who has repeatedly mocked Paul and called for him to leave the race due to his low standing in the polls.

“I think maybe he should get out of the race,” Paul told reporters, citing recent polls that show Ben Carson leading the real estate mogul.

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Rand Paul knocks Marco Rubio over voting records …

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Meet Rand | About Rand | U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky

U.S. Senator Rand Paul, M.D., is one of the nations leading advocates for liberty. Elected to the United States Senate in 2010, Dr. Paul has proven to be an outspoken champion for constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility. As a fierce advocate against government overreach, Dr. Paul has fought tirelessly to return government to its limited, constitutional scope.

As a hard-working and dedicated physician – not a career politician – Dr. Paul came to Washington to shake things up and to make a difference. Dr. Paul is a devoted husband and father of three that is currently living with his family in Bowling Green, Ky., where Dr. Paul owned his own ophthalmology practice and performed eye surgery for 18 years.

Dr. Paul has been married for 25 years to Kelley Ashby Paul of Russellville, Ky., and they have three sons together: William, 22; Duncan, 19; and Robert, 16. He regularly volunteered to coach teams for each of his three sons in Little League baseball, soccer, and basketball. Dr. Paul and Kelley are both devout Christians and are active in their local church.

Dr. Paul is the third of five children born to Carol and Ron Paul. He grew up in Lake Jackson, Tex., and attended Baylor University. He graduated from Duke Medical School in 1988. Dr. Paul completed a general surgery internship at Georgia Baptist Medical Center in Atlanta, Ga., and completed his residency in ophthalmology at Duke University Medical Center. Upon completion of his training in 1993, Dr. Paul and Kelley moved to Bowling Green to start their family and begin his ophthalmology practice.

Dr. Paul’s entrance into politics is indicative of his lifes work as a surgeon: a desire to diagnose problems and provide practical solutions, whether it be in Bowling Green, Ky., or Washington, D.C.

In 1995, Dr. Paul founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, an organization that provides eye exams and surgery to needy families and individuals. He is a former president and 17 year member of Lions Clubs International, which is dedicated to preserving sight by providing eyeglasses and surgery to the less fortunate around the world. In recognition of his outstanding and sustained efforts to provide vision care to Kentuckians in need, Lions Clubs International has awarded Dr. Paul many of its highest commendations.

A large part of Dr. Paul’s daily work as an ophthalmologist was dedicated to preserving the vision of our seniors. In 2002, The Twilight Wish Foundation recognized Dr. Paul for Outstanding Service and Commitment to Seniors.

During his free time, Dr. Paul currently performs pro-bono eye surgeries for patients across Kentucky. Additionally, he provides free eye surgery to children from around the world through his participation in the Children of the Americas Program. Most recently, he traveled to Guatemala and Haiti on a medical mission trip with the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center. During his time in Guatemala and Haiti, over 200 patients, many of them blind with cataracts, had their vision restored.

Dr. Paul’s entrance into politics is indicative of his lifes work as a surgeon: a desire to diagnose problems and provide practical solutions, whether it be in Bowling Green, Ky., or Washington, D.C.

Meet Rand | About Rand | U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky

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Declared 2016 GOP candidate: Rand Paul – USA TODAY


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USATODAY 7:43 p.m. EDT October 22, 2015

Susan Page gives four reasons why Rand Paul’s presidential run in 2016 matters.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., speaks in Washington on March 19. 2013.(Photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images)


Rand Paul was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010 in Kentucky. Paul worked as ophthalmologist in Bowling Green, Ky., before seeking office. He is the son of former Texas congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul.


The Road to 2016

Latest news

October 2015:Paul in Iowa: ‘Looking at cornfields, answering silly questions’

October 2015:Ron Paul accuses feds of trying to hurt Rand’s campaign

September 2015:Rand Paul wins Mackinac straw poll

September 2015:Rand Paul calls for term limits, says Trump has peaked

September 2015:Rand Paul opts to ‘go west’ to revive campaign

September 2015:Rand Paul rallies Vt. Republicans on privacy, civil rights

August 2015:Ky. GOP approves caucus, allowing Paul presidential run

August 2015:Trump-Paul feud includes … golf

August 2015:Paul says he’d fund in full a caucus in Kentucky

August 2015:Paul calls Trump a ‘fake conservative’

August 2015:Paul political confidant indicted in campaign payoff scheme

July 2015:Poll: Paul runs almost even with Clinton in Kentucky

July 2015:Rand Paul super PAC raises $3.1 million

July 2015:Rand Paul looks to revive stagnant campaign

July 2015:Paul renews call to cut off Planned Parenthood funding

July 2015:Rand Paul raises $6.9 million for presidential campaign

July 2015:Rand Paul mum on Trumps immigration stance

June 2015: Rand Paul gets super PAC assist

June 2015: Paul: Take power away from the government

June 2015: Candidates race to distance themselves from white supremacist

June 2015: Rand Paul used NSA fight to draw clicks, dollars

June 2015: In 2016, a GOP divide on national security

June 2015: Opponents pressure Rand Paul over counterterrorism surveillance

May 2015: Sen. Rand Paul: ‘There has to be another way’

May 2015: Rand Paul says he’ll force expiration of Patriot Act

May 2015: Rand Paul: Jeb Bush is not conservative enough

May 2015: Rand Paul courts California high-tech community

May 2015: Poll: Paul, Clinton tied in potential Kentucky race

May 2015: Eeew! Rand Paul aide licks tracker’s camera lens

May 2015: Rand Paul supports bird flu role of agency he tried to cut

April 2015: Rand Paul defends Obama on drone strike that killed hostages

April 2015: Rand Paul’s son cited for DUI after car crash

April 2015: Rand Paul’s campaign told to ditch the Ray-Bans

April 2015: Rand Paul blasts Graham, McCain as ‘lapdogs’ for Obama

April 2015: Comic books explore life of Rand Paul, 2016 candidates

April 2015: Rand Paul ad jabs Hillary Clinton as ‘worst’ of D.C. machine

April 2015: Kelley Paul: It’s hard to watch my husband get criticized

April 2015: Fact check: Ad links Rand Paul to Obama on Iran

April 2015: Mike Huckabee to Rand Paul: ‘This is the big leagues’

April 2015: Fact-checking Rand Paul

April 2015: Rand Paul vows to keep temper in check during TV interviews

April 2015: Rand Paul says message will resonate in ‘leave me alone’ N.H.

April 2015: Rand Paul gets testy in NBC interview about foreign policy

April 2015: Paul, Rubio did not mix political and official trips

April 2015: GOP hawks attack Rand Paul

April 2015: 6 factions Rand Paul must court in Iowa, activists say

April 2015: Rand Paul: A familiar name, unlikely political journey

April 2015: Rand Paul announces presidential run

April 2015: Six things to know about Rand Paul

April 2015: Rand Paul sets out to prove he’s not his father

April 2015: Rand Paul teases 2016 campaign themes in video

April 2015: Rand Paul’s views, from tax cuts to Iran talks

March 2015: Rand Paul jabs at Ted Cruz’s ‘winnability’

March 2015: Harry Reid thanks Rand Paul for advice on eye injury

March 2015: Rand Paul to announce presidential campaign April 7

March 2015: Rand Paul targets young voters with Austin tech office

March 2015: Paul on Clinton: ‘Convenience’ shouldn’t trump security

March 2015: Kentucky voters are split on Rand Paul’s 2016 plans

March 2015: Hearing could highlight Rubio, Paul split on war powers

March 2015: Kentucky GOP grants preliminary caucus OK to Paul

February 2015: CPAC: Paul edges Walker in straw poll

February 2015: Rand Paul gets another warm reception at CPAC

February 2015: Rand Paul said to eye April 7 launch for president

February 2015: Rand Paul asks Kentucky GOP for a caucus in 2016

February 2015: Rand Paul endorses David Vitter for Louisiana governor

February 2015: Rand Paul: We can have modern medicine and freedom

February 2015: Fact check: Rand Paul repeats baseless vaccine claims

February 2015: Presidential candidates split on mandatory vaccines

February 2015: Sex-toy retailer among Rand Paul’s 2014 donors

February 2015: Rand Paul: Most vaccinations ‘ought to be voluntary’

January 2015: Drones beware: Rand Paul is packing heat

January 2015: Texas GOP chairman to join Rand Paul’s political team

January 2015: Fact check: Rand Paul exaggerates tax credit fraud

January 2015: Cruz, Paul, Rubio spar on Cuba policy at desert forum

January 2015: Rand Paul doesn’t check spelling in swipe at Bush, Romney

January 2015: Rand Paul slams Obama’s speech via YouTube, Twitter and TV

January 2015: Rand Paul: Honor MLK by uniting ‘two Americas’

January 2015: Rand Paul: Mitt Romney is ‘yesterday’s news’

January 2015: Rand Paul expands political operation ahead of presidential race

January 2015: Rand Paul won’t be hurried toward 2016

December 2014: Rand Paul airs his Festivus grievances again

December 2014: Rand Paul clashes with Marco Rubio over Cuba

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Declared 2016 GOP candidate: Rand Paul – USA TODAY

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Rand Paul Tries Out ‘Yo Momma’ Jokes for ‘Disaster’ Donald …

Rand Paul thinks Donald Trump winning the GOP nod and inviting Paul to be on his ticket would be an “utter and absolute disaster” and he’s ready to use a “yo momma” joke or two to bring him down.

In an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, the Kentucky senator got a chance to talk about how he really feels about the real estate mogul with whom he’s feuded for months. (NBC News got a sneak peek at some clips you can watch them here and here.)

In one segment with Wilmore, Paul was challenged to answer questions about Trump truthfully for the reward of stickers for “keeping it 100 percent real.” The punishment for untruths: tea bags, signalling, of course, “weak tea.”

Asked whether or not he hates The Donald, Paul offered a characteristic deadpan: “I really love Donald Trump.”

“I think he’s hilarious,” he added. “He’s in the wrong sort of arena now. I mean, he would be great in sort of the arena of television.”

Wilmore dubbed that answer not quite worthy of a prize. “You didn’t keep it 100. You kept it 70.”

But Paul was more candid in answering the question of whether he’d serve as Trump’s running mate if the real estate mogul was to win the GOP nod.

“It would be an utter and absolute disaster and I would want no part of it,” said Paul.

“That,” came Wilmore’s rejoinder, “is how you keep it 100.”

In another part of the segment, Wilmore suggested that Paul could use the most classic of insulting jokes of the yo momma genre during Wednesday CNBC night’s debate to torpedo Trump’s momentum.

“What do you think, like, ‘Your mother wears army boots,’ would that work or not?” Paul tried at first.

The comedian gave Paul an assist, offering a prompt: “Your momma’s so stupid, she thinks pound cake is… ?”

Paul replied: “A vegetable?”

Sick burn, senator.

Paul’s full interview will air November 2 at 11:30pm ET/PT on Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.”

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Rand Paul Tries Out ‘Yo Momma’ Jokes for ‘Disaster’ Donald …

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Rand Paul | Right Wing Watch

The 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, was viewed by some on the Right as the subject of the biggest cover-up in history and a sign of the coming apocalypse, so it came as no surprise that House Republicans eventually organized a special committee to investigate the attack, which had already been examined by several other congressional and executive panels.

Republicans have tried for years to use the terrorist attack which led to the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens to go after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is testifying before the committee today. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy recently admitted that the special committee was formed to bring down Clintons popularity in advance of the 2016 presidential election.

Of course, uncovering facts has never been the GOPs primary motivation when it comes to Benghazi (or much else). As these five instances show, Republicans and their allies in the conservative media have been much more concerned with creating bizarre scenarios to claim that the administration, and fellow Republicans, are suppressing the truth of the attack.

1) No Evidence But What The Hell

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch unveiled an elaborate conspiracy theory earlier this year, alleging that the Obama administration wanted Libyan militants to kidnap Stevens in order to then do a prisoner swap for terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was convicted in the U.S. for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. However, the compound attackers botched the job after Stevens died, Fitton said, and therefore we can never know if the administration was actually ready to release Abdel-Rahman.

Fitton conceded in an interview with WorldNetDailys Jerome Corsi, a fellow Benghazi truther, that there is no evidence to support his theory.

Given what we know now, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the terrorist attack on Benghazi could have been a kidnapping attempt aimed at releasing the Blind Sheik, Fitton said.

He noted, however, there is no evidence that the Obama administration may have been complicit in any kidnapping plot related to the Benghazi attack.

And since he cant find any evidence to substantiate this claim, Fitton is pretty sure that there must have been a cover-up, insinuating that the State Department was trying to stop his group from receiving corroborating information.

2) Cover-Up Of The Cover-Up!

When President Obama first proposed bombing the Syrian regime after it used chemical weapons on civilians in Ghouta, Glenn Beck knew that Obama didnt want to stop such war crimes but instead wanted to cover up what really happened in Benghazi.

According to one conspiracy theory, Stevens was actually organizing an operation to transfer weapons from Libya to Syria to aid Islamic extremists (which of course raises the question of why these extremists would then want to attack the American post in the first place).

Seizing on that conspiracy theory, Beck speculated that it wasnt the Assad regime that used the chemical weapons in Ghouta, but rebels using weapons delivered from the U.S. via Benghazi. Now, Beck reasoned, Obama wanted to bomb Syria because he was covering the trail of the lost weapons from Benghazi.

Beck later claimed that David Petraeus stepped down as CIA director not because he leaked classified information to his mistress but because he was about to blow the Benghazi scandal wide open. Becks theory ran into a slight hitch when Petraeus publicly praised Clintons response to the attack.

Beck has also alleged that the administration let them die in Benghazi after issuing a stand-down order, an accusation refuted on his very own news website.

3) I Dont Have Any Proof

The arms-running conspiracy theory cited by Beck emerged in the right-wing outlet WorldNetDaily, a home of credible journalism such as Is Obama Biblical Lord of the Flies? and Does Bible Code Predict President Romney?.

While we werent surprised that Beck would pick up a conspiracy theory from such a website, it was a bit more shocking when a U.S. senator brought up WNDs conspiracy theory in a hearing with Clinton. At a 2013 hearing, Sen. Rand Paul demanded that a dumbfounded Clinton tell him if the U.S. was transferring weapons from Libya into Syria via Turkey.

Paul admitted that he didnt have any proof before suggesting that the gun-running scheme was what was really happening and the cover-up was an attempt to massage and get over this issue without getting into the gun trade.

Investigations, including one led by Republicans, have found that Stevens was trying to find weapons, but in order to keep them out of the hands of extremists, with no evidence at all that he then sent those weapons to Syrian groups.

4) Marijuana A Benghazi Distraction!

Ben Carson is very upset about the Obama administrations push to reform American drug laws. The GOP presidential candidate told Joseph Farah, the editor of WorldNetDaily (notice a theme?), that the administrations push to liberalize laws on marijuana, along with its stance on the trademark of the Washington Redskins, is all part of a plot to distract people from the Benghazi attack.

Carson told Farah last year that most people now just think Benghazi is a singer.

And these people vote and they have no idea, he lamented.

Carson isnt the only one to latch onto the distraction theme. Conservative activist Robert Knight of the American Civil Rights Union dedicated a column in the Washington Times about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Bradys since-lifted suspension by insisting that the Deflategate scandal was part of an effort to distract people from Benghazi. Iowa radio broadcaster Steve Deace similarly wonder if NFL prospect Michael Sams decision to come out of the closet was also just a Benghazi distraction.

5) Benghazi Special Committee Is Part Of The Benghazi Cover-Up!

Since every single official committee, including ones led by Republicans, that has investigated the Benghazi attack has ended up debunking the conspiracy theories percolating through the right-wing media, a group of conservative activists has launched theCitizens Commission on Benghazi to find the real truth.

This unofficial committee has embraced so many conspiracy theories surrounding the attack that its members even believe that the GOP-led Benghazi Special Committee is aiding the cover-up!

One member, Ret. Navy Adm. James Ace Lyons, told, guess who, WorldNetDaily, that committee chairman Trey Gowdy needs to go, lamenting that this is a continued cover-up.

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Rand Paul | Right Wing Watch

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Would Rand Paul Pardon Edward Snowden? – ABC News

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul believes Edward Snowden deserves some punishment for leaking classified documents about government surveillance, though he says it should be less than what some of his fellow Republicans have called for against the former National Security Agency worker.

During the convention of the Republican Liberty Caucus on Friday, a college student asked Paul whether he would pardon Snowden if elected president. The ballroom in Nashua, New Hampshire, quickly fell silent as Paul joked, “There’s always got to be an easy question.”

Some libertarians have called for Snowden to be pardoned. Paul’s own father and one-time presidential candidate, Ron Paul, has praised Snowden in the past and supported a petition asking for clemency.

Snowden is currently living in exile in Russia and recently joined Twitter.

I know most people would want me to say yes [to pardoning Snowden] and part of me says yes and part of me says we cannot have no rules, Paul said. “We do have secrets — maybe too many — but we do have secrets that need to be protected. We have operatives who try to risk our lives to defend our country and he [Snowden] didnt reveal that, but you dont want people to reveal things like that.

Paul said Snowden did something that some see value in: revealing a surveillance program that may have gone hidden were it not for the leak.

“He revealed a program that we probably wouldve never known about had not he revealed it because the government was lying to us,” he said. “So in many ways, you could call him a whistle-blower.

Paul said Snowden deserves some sort of punishment, but not a severe penalty like some of his fellow Republicans have called for.

“I think the best compromise on it is that there would be some penalty but that people who are going nuts — which includes half the people in our party, wanting to execute him, shoot him, chop his head off, all this crazy stuff — theyre completely wrong,” he said. “I think there could be some accommodation. I think he would actually serve some sentence if it were reasonable and were negotiated.”

The college student who asked the question, 18-year-old Jake Soraghan, said he believed Snowden should be pardoned and hoped Paul would support that. He added he knew he was asking a tough question of his favorite presidential candidate.

“Even if you support someone, I think you got to give them the tough questions,” Soraghan said. “He gave a decent answer.”

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Would Rand Paul Pardon Edward Snowden? – ABC News

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Rand Paul focuses on young votes with Iowa college tour …

The 11-stop, three-day swing starts Monday. The goal is to fire up young voters the campaign believes will be drawn to the senator’s emphasis on issues like curtailing government surveillance, criminal justice reform and questioning continued U.S. involvement in wars overseas.

“I think that many of these kids are ready to come our way,” Paul told CNN in a brief telephone interview. “Our goal is to turn 10,000 students out — that could be enough to win the Iowa caucus. We think it’s an achievable goal for us.”

The swing will take the senator to Cedar Rapids, Mount, Vernon, Iowa City, Davenport, Dubuque, Fayette, Waverly, Cedar Falls, Sioux City, Storm Lake and Des Moines. It builds on an initiative the campaign launched in August aimed at encouraging college students to launch chapters for Paul supporters on 300 college campuses over 30 days. The campaign beat that goal, with 340 chapters set up on campuses nationwide in that time period and has added several more since, 15 of them in Iowa.

The libertarian firebrand, who was one of the first candidates to throw his hat in the ring, is hoping college students will give him an edge in Iowa and other early states. Wooing them could make an impact in Iowa, which has more than 130,000 students at four-year colleges alone, according to the 2013 Iowa College and University Enrollment Report.

The state makes it easy for such students, and all voters, to cast a ballot: One can register and vote on the same day, which will allow people to make a last-minute decision to participate in the state’s first in the nation caucus in February.

Paul’s campaign notes that his father, former Rep. Ron Paul, came in third in the caucuses here in 2012, a year when they were held during Christmas break. In 2016, they are set for February 1, when school will be in session, making students a key group to engage.

Outside college campuses, Paul says his campaign is well-organized ahead of the caucuses here.

“I think the main thing is our organizational strength is under-reported,” he said, adding his campaign had mounted a statewide effort to contact all potential supporters. “We have county chairmen in all 99 counties in Iowa.”

The senator is languishing in the single digits in national and early state polls and his campaign is also struggling on the fundraising front, raising some $2.5 million in the third quarter. That’s well under the $7 million he raised in the second quarter, but the campaign says part of that figure was money that was transferred from his Senate committee, a practice allowed under campaign finance laws. The campaign has $2 million cash-on-hand, which aides believe is enough for a long race.

Paul’s third quarter take is just a fraction of the $20 million the campaign of retired brain surgeon Ben Carson. Paul’s campaign says it is on track to post for the third quarter, but the senator says the focus should be on a more comprehensive figure of $16.3 million — that’s how much he says his campaign and supporting super PACs have raised this year, with the help of 120,000 donors. Paul said 96% of donations to his campaign were under $100.

And despite his standing in polls, he says he is not going anywhere.

“We’re in it to win and we’re in it for the long haul,” Paul said, adding that he believes he can win in the first two states to vote. “We still consider that we are contending to win in Iowa and New Hampshire.”

Originally posted here:
Rand Paul focuses on young votes with Iowa college tour …

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Rand Paul says he’s not dropping out of 2016 race …

Story highlights

“I think the rumors of my demise are somewhat exaggerated, to say the least,” Paul said Sunday on Fox News’ “Media Buzz.”

His paltry $2.5 million third quarter fundraising haul had sparked expectations that Paul might soon drop out. But he insisted Sunday that he doesn’t need much money to keep up his campaign efforts.

“We run a tight ship around here,” Paul said. “We plan on being in for the long hall, and I think ultimately celebrity will sort of filter out of this.”

Paul also took a shot at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, one of his GOP rivals for the 2016 presidential nomination.

Five days earlier, he’d said Cruz is “pretty much done for” in the Senate because he’s failed to form personal relationships with his colleagues. Paul repeated that criticism Sunday.

“I think we do have different styles. My style is when I disagree with someone, not to call them a name or be very inflammatory,” Paul said.

“I can be very strong in what I believe in and I’m willing to stand up for that,” he said. “But even (Senate Democratic leader) Harry Reid — who’s on the opposite side — I have pretty good relations with him, even though he’s a Democrat, and I wouldn’t call him a liar or I wouldn’t call him dishonest because I don’t think that furthers the debate, even with people you disagree with.”

Here is the original post:
Rand Paul says he’s not dropping out of 2016 race …

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Rand Paul – Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

Randal Howard “Rand” Paul (born January 7, 1963) is the much celebrated son of the contemporary Maximus, the Savior of Rome: Sire Ron Paul. He was born in a crib surrounded by a bull and a donkey in Lake Jackson, Texas. Until 2010, he could refer to himself as being a respectable ophthalmologist before heeding a call to cross the Rubicon in a virtuous attempt to cleanse the putrid, scum-ridden Augean stables: the American Congress.

He is also spearheading the Coffee Party movement, a group of exasperated citizens who chose that name when they woke the hell up from their slumber and decided to stand up against their tax money laundering government.

The young Rand Paul was soon educated to shell himself from the perverse ways of the world by his dad, Congressman Ron Paul who severely admonished him not to talk to creepy looking strangers or even worse, to any of his politician colleagues, be them known or not. Ron wanted to bestow upon young Rand the values of honesty, respect and straightforwardness, all qualities he was the only one to call his in Congress for he saw that the green lad had the politician fiber that his father bore.

During little school, the small Rand worked as a passionate helper to his father’s career, delivering flyers to his constituents and parcel bombs to his corrupted opponents. He also went to Ron’s adversaries’ meetings to offer free sweets, delighting the crowd in attendance who were exhilarated with joy at such a polite little boy. Little did they know Rand had filled the candies with laxatives so that the room went as empty as the Sahara within minutes, effectively preventing the wannabe Bilderberger from regurgitating his malicious lies on the audience. The little scallywag sometimes went so far as barricading the restrooms for innocent fun.

Like a modern day Paladin, Rand took up sword and shield and ventured into the populace’s sworn enemy’s lair in an effort to bring back equality and justice to the corrupted land. At the culmination of the 2010 Senate elections, he slayed his first unholy beast: candidate con artist Jack Conway, who vainly tried to usurp the Kentucky throne and subdue his subjects to more government control and tyranny. After a grueling battle, which saw both of the antagonists deplete their Magic Points, Rand delivered a crushing Limit Break move: the Evil Conjuror, which dispatched his opponent instantly.

“…right after I was abducted by aliens and forced to do LSD!”

Realizing that Rand would not do the military industrial complex any favor by striving to stop the illegitimate wars, the corrupted establishment expectedly disapproved of Paul’s candidacy and tried in many ways to put a spoke in his campaign’s wheels. After initially declaring he really was the offspring of a crocodile and an hippopotamus’ mating (the ready-witted masses didn’t buy that one), they resorted to more classical defamatory tactics. They artificially created national controversy out of the claims of an anonymous woman who surfaced like a Sputnik submarine after a 30 year dive in the abyss and claimed that Paul had kidnapped her, forced her to take drugs, tore off her clothes and entertained himself with her. Good God almighty, have we been wrong all along? In the end, is Mr. Paul a worse molester than Arnold Schwarzenegger?

The ridiculous hoax was quickly unraveled when the woman subsequently admitted in an exclusive interview with this author that she had neither been kidnapped nor forcibly drugged by Paul. She explained with shocking details how she had spent the last 30 years on LSD in a CIA prison-like lab waiting for the perfect occasion for the federal agency to have her come out of the blue and discredit a “villain” to the elite. When the drugs wore off, she realized what treachery she had been a part of and redeemed herself by confessing the truth to the most trustworthy representant of the media she could find. When your humble reporter contacted the Agency’s spokespersons to have their input concerning this revolting travesty, they declined to comment over the phone but said they would be glad to give an interview in a remote and picturesque location in the middle of the woods, and the interviewer had to come alone. Yours truly said he would think about it. (Finish this article on the fly and move the heck out this place. Timbuktu? Sounds fine.)

Rand throws a javelin straight to his opponent’s heart while his father Ron laughs it off.

Rand Paul received 723,453 votes compared to Conway’s 2 (his wife and his psychiatrist, his regular prostitute being unable to make it in time to the polls) and went on to Congress to represent Kentucky. He tried to pass a bill that would repatriate all soldiers abroad, but Mr. Change opposed this fiercely, citing that there were still bearded people breathing and black, syrupy gold to be stolen. It is rumoured that Rand will run for President when his currently 80 year old father, Ron, retires from politics in 2047.

Rand believes that all politicians helping the globalists bring about a New World Order should be beheaded and their heads put on spikes strategically disseminated in the Congress vicinity to discourage the rampant corruption that is plaguing the highest offices in the Kingdom. Promoting a strict constitutionalist point of view, Paul believes that everybody should have the right to wander around with a concealed tomahawk just as it was written in the Constitution a few hundreds years ago. He also vehemently opposed the War on Drugs on the Senate floor, outraged that a person could spend years in jail for simple marijuana possession, but other senators reminded him after his speech that this law is applied only to the lowly commoner, not to themselves. A big fat joint then started circulating during the hearings.

Rand personally worships a deity known as the eternal[citation needed]Aqua Buddha, the true savior of mankind. Rand’s religious worship of the holy Aqua Buddha often includes the ingestion of entheogenic drugs such as PCP and adrenochrome. The holy writ of Aqua Buddha calls for nonbelievers to be given drugs and encouraged to experience their spirituality thanks to the worship of the merciful and water-dwelling enlightened one. Rand denies having ever done this to anybody, though one could easily imagine him doing it. Many have criticized him for his peculiar beliefs, to which Rand reminds folks that the Constitution says he may believe whatever he wants, and that nonbelievers will regret their foolishness when they are in Aqua Buddha Hell.

Rand Paul takes on the pestiferous Capitol Hill final Boss.

Paul recently took on 3 corrupted monsters that were opposed to one of his hallowed bills written to stop illegal wars. He battled them fiercely on the Senate floor, relying on his trusted main weapon and armor: the Righteous Sword and the Paladin Vest. The antagonists attacked with their foul claws and razor-sharp teeth, and one put forth his Special attack, the Lobbying Dragon Breath, which caused Paul severe burns and dealt him 2,398 HP worth of damage. The battle raged on, Rand mercilessly multiplying White magic on his unholy enemies while hastily drinking blessed Coors Light potions between two critical hits in order to save his skin and finally annihilate a hellish duet. Resolutely walking over the agonizing bodies of the Witch of the Underworld and the Abomination from the Abyss, a bloodied and battered Rand took on the ultimate Nemesis: The Dark Lord Sauron himself!

A heated battle ensued, in which both opponents wildly took turns at bludgeoning one another. In the final breathtaking moments, Obama summoned The Patriot Act Thunder Attack, which was blocked by Paul’s Constitutional Cloak. He replied with the People’s Wrath, which went right through the Presidential Guard and caused the dictator to drop his Fake Birth Certificate. The usurper then tried to utilize the Nuevo Ordo Seclorum supreme spell but Rand beat him to the finish line when he managed to get out of his sleeves the Ultimate Holy Summon: the Ron Paul Paternal Wrath, where both father and son joined strength with the Founding Fathers’ spirits to repeal that Demonic Aberration and seal him into the Depths of Hell for eternity!

Since father and son cleansed the Kingdom from the horrendous Evil that was corrupting it, the American people finally could prosper in the Land of the Free and aspire to the American Dream. Their nation, freshly liberated from the shackles of tyranny, became well respected throughout the World, and the Wisdom and Goodness of its leaders and people was sung abroad.

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