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Ron Paul Raised $2.6 Million in March

By Danny Yadron

For many of Rep. Ron Pauls avid supporters, it appears the Republican primary is not over.

The congressman with libertarian views raised $2.6 million in March(more details in the FEC filing), even as it became increasingly clear Mitt Romney would be the partys nominee. That is far behind Mr. Romneys March haul of $12.6 million, but it at least shows Mr. Pauls supporters have not given up though their candidate didnt win a single contest during the primary.

Mr. Paul ended March with $1.8 million in the bank, according to his filing with the Federal Election Commission. Unlike the other anti-Romney candidates this primary season, Mr. Paul carries no debt.

Although the congressman makes few appearances on the stump these days, he has made it increasingly clear his campaign is more about building support for a more libertarian-tinged brand of Republicanism rather than actually capturing the White House. In the process he has constructed an extensive political organization that could prove helpful the next candidate to take up the Paul banner, such as the congressmans son, Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.).

Ron Paul Raised $2.6 Million in March

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